added 12/28/06

Have you ever wondered what that little bell you see on some motorcycles is for? Here is the story behind that little bell. There are probally different versions but this is the one I believe.

Everone knows life is full of things that happen for no known reason. Things like the battery goes dead, a gas leak, a tire goes flat or any one of the hundreds of things that can go wrong. The cause is Evil Road Spirits. Seems they love to ride but just can't resist the temptation to break things. They act much like their airborne cousins, the Gremlins.

They have extremely sensitive hearing and hate being touched. When they see a bell they think it will be a good place to hide and be taken for a ride. When the bell starts to ring and the clapper is banging on their little bodies they go a bit nuts, lose their grip and fall to the road. Angry at being dumped and seething with revenge they immediately start digging potholes hoping that the next bike to come along won't have a bell and will slow down enough so they can jump on and continue to ride. If that bike has a bell they will not jump on. The bell has done it's job.

If you got the bell on your own the magic will still work. But if the bell is given to you the power has been doubled, and you know that somewhere you have a friend that's looking out for you. If you have a friend that doesn't have a bell give them one and tell them why. It will give you a good feeling for having done something nice and the next time you ride togeather you won't be held up by problems with his ride. The bell, plus a good preventitave maintenance program, will a long way to eliminate the Evil Road Spirits.

For a huge collection of bells, pins and zipper pulls go to

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