My Ride   

This might take a while to load so go get a coffee refill, take a restroom break, etc.

A fund raising bike wash. Notice the cameras in the background.

The same bike wash.

The big finish.
Oh, the things we do for charity

I have no idea who these kids are.
They were looking at the trike when I came out of my daughter's house so I asked if they would like to get on. This photo is the result.

These two clowns were at the Angel Hands Ride (2006) to entertain the kids. They came over and were asking questions so I asked them "to try it on for size". They did.

You can't tell from the picture but I'm making VROOM VROOM noises.

In line for another bikewash fund raiser. This one for a heart transplant.

Almost there.

Boy oh boy does the trike get dirty.

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